Cleared Funds in Your Bank Account next Day, Finally!

0% Transaction Fee

Why Use CheckPay?

Save Time and Money

CheckPay customers pay 0% on each transaction, yes that’s right, zero.  Instead, Check pay has a simple monthly membership fee and a low transaction fee.  This simple way of doing business has saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars each year in unnecessary banking and credit card charges.


Easy To Setup

Check Pay is built for simplicity, that is our key selling point.  CheckPay will integrate easy with your existing website allowing you to direct your customers right to your website for rapid payment, 24×7.  We will provide you with a payment button code that you can simply add right into your website.

Rapid Funding

Not only is CheckPay fast with next-day fnding, but each transaction is verified to ensure funds are coming from an account that has good standing and sufficient funds.   Next day funding is simple, just make sure your getting paid by 7:30 PM EST.  Don’t worry, you can login to the CheckPay portal anytime to verify your transactions.

Welcome to CheckPay!

CheckPay offers a cheaper, easier way to receive payment online, directly on your website.  Through the use of modern payment technology, our mission is to help business owners spend more time on what they like, less time chasing customers.  Sign up now and change the way you do business forever!

We are helping customers every day by accepting eChecks instead of a traditional Credit/Debit card.  With CheckPay, you SAVE money AND get it faster! How do we do this? CheckPay is based off the premise that you would do business with someone who pays you with a check (assuming it’s a good check, of course)