CheckPay Pricing

Choose your plan based on monthly volume

Platform Security

  • PCI compliant
  • Rigorous security features
  • Processed over $27 billion in 2016



  • Your money no longer sits in “banking transit”
  • Easy Integration
  • Robust Reporting
  • Customer Service


  • Next Day Funding
  • No More Banking Middleman
  • Included Verification
  • No More Costly Commissions
  • Low Monthly Fee
  • Flat fee per Transaction

Verification Features

  • Instantly verify if accounts are open and valid
  • Ideal for new billing relationships
  • Perfect for high risk payments

The Check Pay Advantage

CheckPay is a merchant payment system designed for certain niche businesses. It is works for professional services that their average check or credit card payment is normally over 200 dollars. CheckPay created this payment system for Dentists, Veterinarians, Contractors and most other Professional Services. Forte has an underwriting policy to Vet our customers as this is an ACH next day available funding source directly from your client to your checking account. This is nothing like the other gateways, as the money is directly deposited in your account and not a third party clearing house then the funds get moved in to your bank account. CheckPay will need to put the code for your online payment portal that is designed just for your routing and checking on your website. The difference between us and other payment portals is that we are able to get the funds in your account the next day with a small per check transaction fee and a monthly membership cost. We estimate most clients will save over $1000 dollars a month in fees and they will have the luxury of having their funds available the next day. This simply put is what separates us from the rest.

CheckPay Terms and Conditions

  • All plans require a setup fee, which includes the Forte merchant account setup as well as implementation of CheckPay button on customer website.  Customer should prepare all username and password details to efficiently make website changes.  CheckPay is currently partnered with eNet Web Services to aid in the deployment of the customer website button.
  • One time setup fee as well as Bronze, Silver or Gold monthly fee will be debited from the bank account used to setup initial funding.
  • Forte will enforce a $99 early cancellation fee for any account canceled within 12 months of opening.
  • There are no contracts or cancellation charges associated with CheckPay.
  • Customers by default will receive a CheckPay button with eCheck enabled.  Customers must request the ability to also accept  credit cards/debit cards.  There is NO additional fee for this functionality.
  • Standard bank fee’s will apply for returned checks and charge backs / disputes.  These fees will be taken directly by Forte and will be debited from your bank account.
  • Customers with greater than $500K of monthly volume should call CheckPay Sales for a custom plan.
  • Any single transaction over $5,000 will require additional underwriting and approval from forte, including three months bank statements.
  • Additional fees apply for high dollar next-day funding, see table below.

Transaction AmountBronzeSilver Gold
0-$5000$2 (base fee)$3 (base fee)$4 (base fee)
$5,001-$15,000Additional $15Additional $15Additional $15
$15,001-$50,000Additional $45Additional $45Additional $45
$50,001-$100,000Additional $65Additional $65Additional $65