Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the Setup Process for CheckPay?

Once you submit your CheckPay application, your information is sent directly for Forte payment systems for underwriting.  The underwriting process is normally completed within 1 to 2 business days.  Upon approval, CheckPay will do the following:


Initial Provisioning

  1. Confirm receipt of the forte enrollment package including all forte logins and portals.
  2. Login to forte portal and setup your API ID and password.
  3. Ensure Checkpay customer portal is configured and customer can login. Send customer welcome letter.
  4. Configure the forte payment notifications so you and your customers get notified when payments are made.
  5. Generate custom, secure button for customer.   By default customer will receive a button with eCheck only payment method.  Customers can request additional payment methods by contacting support.  Note there is no additional fee to accept card payment types.

Web Development Setup (Currently implemented by eNet Web Services)

  1. Confirm receipt of button code from checkpay applications team.
  2. Connect with customer (you) to prepare for button placement on customer website.  Note, customer needs to organize all website access information, for example FTP information or wordpress admin information.
  3. Place new CheckPay button code on you website, run a test and validate you can see transaction in your checkpay customer portal.
Q. Who is forte?

Forte ( is one of CheckPay’s processing partners. Our partnership with Forte ensures that your eCheck transactions are safe and secure as possible! Forte is the industry leader in secure financial transactions. Since 1998, Forte has specialized in ACH/eCheck verification and fraud prevention through superior customer service and industry-leading technology. Forte provides the tools to verify ACH accounts to avoid insufficient fund or “bounced” transactions to avoid issues with payments that don’t go through while making ACH payment safer for our merchants. Forte employs hundreds of experts, working to protect your transactions and provide you support when you have a transaction, settlement or funding question.  Forte support can be reached at 1.866.290.5400

Q. How does CheckPay provide next day funding?

We understand what it is like having to wait for funds to clear. Checkpay enables you to never wait again! The Check Pay payment processor is actually lending the funds to you while they clear funds in the background. Our advanced verification process ensures funds are available ahead of time. However, if there are insufficient funds, you will incur a $5.00 insufficient funds fee and the funds will be pulled back.

Q. How will Check Pay save me money?
It is simple. Unlike other payment processing companies (PayPal, Stripe, paysimple, etc.) we don’t have a surcharge fee of 2.9 % or more on single transactions. These surcharge fees cost business owners tens of thousands of dollars each year. Instead, at Chec Pay we simply just charge a small fee per transaction. Yes, it’s that simple. (processing fees start at $2.00 per transaction with the bronze membership).
Q. how will check pay save me time?
CheckPay provides the merchant with a fast and simple way to receive payment from their customers. How many times have you heard “the check is in the mail”, when it truly isn’t? With the Checkpay electronic payment system, there is no need to chase down your money or wit to start a job pending the age old “check is in the mail”. With CheckPay, the customer can simply pay the merchant on their business website, and the merchant will receive their money the very next day.
Q. Who is the average Check Pay customer?
Our target market is the business owner who has $10,000 -$100,000+ in monthly transactions. At CheckPay our goal is to save every business owner thousands of dollars a month by eliminating steep transaction fees, while also providing funding within 24 hours.
Q.What’s the difference between an eCheck and an ACH ?

ACH and eCheck payment are interchangeably used terms. At Check Pay we like the term eCheck as it is simply more accurate.

Q.. do I need a developer/programmer to apply Check Pay to my website?

No! Absolutely not. At Check Pay, our development team will apply our service to your website free of charge once  you sign-up.

Most companies do not provide this service, and require a third party to complete this process. That service can often times be significant. Remember – our primary goal is to save you time and money.