About CheckPay

CheckPay is a payment system  that allows you to have cleared funds in your bank account the next day. Forte Payment systems is the bank processor that powers Checkpay, with over $26 Billion in transactions in 2016 . We also offer Credit Card transactions like the other payment gateways to encourage a one stop service.

However our real difference is Next Day Available Funds in your bank account without a percentage charge.

CheckPay uses forte security to process eCheck/ACH payments quickly so you can get the resources you need when you need them. With a 0% transaction fee, this is a cheaper AND easier way to receive payments online, directly from your website.  Through the use of modern payment technology, our mission is to help business owners spend more time on business development and less time chasing after payments. Sign up now and change the way you do business – forever!

We are helping customers every day by accepting eChecks instead of traditional Credit/Debit cards. With CheckPay, you SAVE money AND get it faster! How do we do this? CheckPay is based off the premise that you would do business with someone who pays you with a check (assuming it’s a good check, of course).