Changes the Way You Do Business – Forever
Over $26 Billion in Transactions in 2016
Trusted by Thousands of US Companies

Get Paid Faster with CheckPay

Save Time and Money

CheckPay customers pay 0% on each transaction, yes that’s right, zero. Instead, Check pay has a simple monthly membership fee and a low transaction fee. This simple way of doing business has saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars each year in unnecessary banking and credit card charges.

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Easy To Setup

Check Pay is built for simplicity, that is our key selling point. CheckPay will integrate easyily with your existing website allowing you to direct your customers right to your website for rapid payment, 24×7. We will provide you with merchant ACH echeck payment system code that you can simply add right into your website.
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Rapid Funding

Not only is CheckPay fast with next-day funding, but each transaction is verified to ensure funds are coming from an account that has good standing and sufficient funds. Next day funding is simple, just make sure your getting paid by 7:30 PM EST. Don’t worry, you can login to the CheckPay portal anytime to verify your transactions.

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Welcome To CheckPay Your Merchant ACH/eCheck Payment System!

CheckPay offers a cheaper, easier way to receive payment online, directly on your website. Through the use of modern merchant ACH echeck payment system technology, our mission is to help business owners spend more time on new business development and less time chasing payment. Sign up now and change the way you do business – forever!

We are helping customers every day by accepting eChecks instead of a traditional Credit/Debit card. With CheckPay, you SAVE money AND get it faster! How do we do this? CheckPay is based off the premise that you would do business with someone who pays you with a check (assuming it’s a good check, of course).

Demo the Customer Experience


The CheckPay Button below will simulate what you can expect on your website.  The demo below already has the payment and customer information populated.


The CheckPay Button below will simulate what you can expect on your website.  Put yourself in your customers shoes and observe the simplicity as you save time and money.  Instead of customers writing you a check, they simply key in their routing and checking account number from the front of their check, complete their name and address, and enter the amount.

Test Bank Routing Number: 026013673

Test Checking Account Number: 12345

It Just Works

Check Pay has changed our business completely. It’s simple and just works. I get notified via email as soon as my customer pays, next day the money is there and ready to withdraw.

Is the Check in the Mail?

We appreciate check pay because “checks in the mail” is almost never true. We are a small family owned and operated business with two crews, I don’t have time to wait for the mail. Thank you Ron and the Check Pay team.

Move Faster

With Check Pay I can easily move from one job to another, without having to spend time during the day chasing customers for checks. My bank fees last year alone were $7500, with Check Pay I am now saving more than $5k per year. That’s $5k more in my pocket and it was so simple to setup.

Great for Customers

My customers like the fact that they can pay online once the job is done, I use this as a selling point! Check Pay saves them from writing a check, stamping it, and waiting for the mail. It also saves me about $500 per job on credit card processing fees.

Pays at the Pump

This service pays for itself at the pump! My business is my truck, it’s my only vehicle and is loaded with almost every tool we need on the job. With check pay I have been able to save at least $300 per month in fuel, no longer having to chase down customers for a final payment. Not to mention my sanity.

Life Changing

Check Pay saves massive amounts of time and money, two things that I value the most, are are unfortunately the hardest to come by.